Galway Days.

Ever stayed just a short time in a new place and instantly feel at home?  That is exactly how I felt about my time in the beautiful seaside city of Galway.
With the bay lapping at the shore, the sea air, swans floating on the river, and more stellar food than I could reasonably cram into my face I was instantly charmed by Galway.  Every morning brought a new cafe with a swirl of pain au chocolat, lattes, and tea.  After which we raced off to see what we could see in the town and countryside.
I admit that I’ve written about my trip to Ireland before in the old Board and Wire blog.  However I felt that I was obligated to only share with you the bits that solely involved cheese.  Which was just my way of being a bit shy (it happens).  So grab a cup of tea and get comfy, here is a more extended version of the charming County Galway and surrounding country.
10696188_10101846932704154_6559959781104992027_nI was on a mission to eat every pastry and coffee in the city.  My husband gamely helped me out.
1904085_10101844456072344_2374619712247010331_n 1237806_10101844456057374_1326249083124238163_n
10653548_10101866290111754_326185858055905841_n 10371950_10101850171169244_4565675566410966131_n
10702071_10101844458846784_6601396341055700457_n 10298818_10101844458642194_4585071647517492045_nEating was (obviously) a primary goal for the trip.  We ate at the Oslo at least 3 times while we were in town.  Top notch American style craft brews and the best seafood chowder in town!
1016334_10101863561849214_5244300612104265043_nWe took a day trip to the southern city of Limerick.  Which was more rough-and-tumble than we expected but had a great medieval castle plus some fuzzy bovine friends along the way.
10665297_10101846995777754_7047433516768968392_n10710725_10101847003756764_1103638059865588710_n 10592620_10101847003761754_8653275455894180136_nNot to mention some dreamy cake and coffee by the river.
10672402_10101842127389044_4656984742946547323_n10660320_10101842127399024_94855763788731575_n1796638_10101850172506564_6793895804951047899_n10440956_10101850175221124_4152100583300353229_n1939513_10101850175226114_1655254392887866816_nIn the evenings we walked the Prom along Galway Bay and joined the locals strolling the causeway linking Mutton Island to the mainland.  It was the perfect place to people watch, pat a friendly dog, see the vast schools of tiny fish boil against the breakwater, spot a seal, and of course watch the sun sink into the rippling Atlantic.  We can not wait to come back some day.  There is so much seafood I didn’t get to eat!


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