Sheridan’s Cheesemongers

A shop so nice I had to share it twice!  Sheridan’s Cheesemongers is a magical wonderland of cheese and charcuterie.  A place I could spend hours in just goggling at all of the beautiful wheels that I can’t get back in the states.
SONY DSCWheels of oozing raw milk Brie de Meux and huge wedges of Morbier, all pudgy and straining to escape its sticky orange rind.  There was much hand clasping and exclamations of, “Oooh!  Lookit this!”.  I gazed around, glassy eyed, like a different sort of woman would in an expensive jewelry shop.
Now that is myself in my native habitat.
Luckily, upstairs there was a little space for wine and nibbles.  Where I could satisfy my craving for all things curdy and delicious without emptying my pocketbook over the cashiers head.

The tiny bar space was gorgeously lit by large geranium lined windows.  Illuminating stacks of wine, loads of charcuterie, and all the cheese that could be crammed onto our board.
10403358_10101866098136474_6858748730481780492_n10313190_10101866098296154_484281774484673648_nAbsolutely cracking!
10734263_10101866092792184_3453161604650437452_nI did make one small purchase to go.  A hunk of raw milk Brie de Meaux.  For those of you just joining me raw milk cheese cannot be sold in the USA unless it has been aged more than 60 days.  Brie is best at around 30 days old.  At 60 days, well, better see if the dog will eat it.  Hence there’s really no raw milk soft ripened cheese available in the America.  So with this bit of joy tucked safely in my bag, my darling guy and I bid a wistful farewell to the most impressive cheesemongers I’ve ever seen.


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