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Mountain Fold Books & Coffee

Our quest for breakfast at a castle shaped diner (no really!) in the Springs inadvertently introduced us to a rather lovely little coffee shop, Mountain Fold Books and Coffee.  The diner was closed, meaning we missed out on some of the best green chili in town,  however we did scoot on over to Mountain Fold to see what we could see.
Blessedly located on the shady side of the street, which this being Colorado is a very good thing.  We decided to ere on the side of adventure and order a few coffees for there.  That way we could have a proper poke around the shop.  Plus drinking cappuccino out of ceramic is considerably nicer than sipping from a paper cup.

3 There was an artist showing her miniature work in a small gallery in the back of the cafe.  Though I loved these tiny buildings the best.  I assume these are also the work of the artist.  They were hidden around the book shelves so one felt like a grade schooler finding little surprises in a picture book.
2Finally our coffee arrived, a pour-over for him, a cappuccino for me.  For a brand new establishment the coffee was pretty spot on.  All foamy and light.  Certainly no complaints there.  Though for the life of me I can’t remember the brand of coffee beans they used.  We also ended up making a new friend.  A kind stranger generously loaned us her dog whilst we sipped.  Though I think the pooch more commandeered us than anything.
91612I quite enjoyed discovering this itty-bitty cafe in an up-and-coming part of the Springs.  It was all decorated in well done minimalism without feeling cold or too cool for us un-cool people to hang about in.  I absolutely look forward to sipping espresso here again.  Maybe I’ll even bring a book, just to fit in of course.


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