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Grey Day Lunch Date

The hubs and I decided to make the best of a drizzly, grey, afternoon (a rarity in our sunny home state) and head out for the crispiest, fluffiest fish n’chips in town.  All provided by one of my favorite eateries, GB’s Fish and Chips.  I really was excited since it had been ages since I’d been there.  The fog of hunger was strong and about as thick as the clouds overhead.
8Felt Hat (similar) // Earrings (similar)

Thankfully relief was in sight!  GB’s is a no frills, straight forward kind of place.  The menu is on the wall with a pretty basic selection of deep fried seafood and a few other British delights (curry, pies, deep fried Mars Bar, etc.).  He ordered the fried scallops and chips.  While I couldn’t resist my old standby of the battered fried cod with chips and curry sauce.  Mmmm curry sauce…
46A good splash of vinegar makes a basket of pillowy scallops even nicer.
The place isn’t necessarily trying to “be British”.  Though there is definitely football (soccer, for us Americans) and other Brit paraphernalia hanging around the place.  Probably has something to do with the owner (and battered seafood genius) being from England.  Just a hunch though.
1 5
7I love the moment my basket of fishes arrives all lined up and steaming from the fryer.  That first crispy bite makes me want to come back here every week.  Though if this grey, Brit like weather sticks around I may come back twice.


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