La Tur

Born in Bosia, a region between Alba and Cortemilla in northern Italy, La Tur resembles more an overflowing pastry than a cheese.  So delicate it is wrapped in paper after making.  Then placed directly into a ridged container to mature for fear of damaging the newly formed curd.
La Tur does bear some characteristics of its French brie relative.  Having a similar pale moldy rind and a moist soft-ripened paste.  However that’s really where the similarities end.  La Tur is the supple, sensuous, cousin to brie’s upright, glamorous socialite persona.  This is a soft cheese that lets it all hang out.
6111 4Made with cow, sheep, and goat milk the flavor is both light with notes of fresh yogurt and almonds.  However, that lip smacking compound butter and salt kick on the finish brings me back for one more bite everytime.  The texture lingers under the thin, velvety rind and wavers on the line between mousse and cake-like.  Ending up by dissolving beautifully when held for just a moment on the tongue.
27Don’t bother with fancy crackers of jams for this one.  Just impress your guests by pairing La Tur with a fragrant Chenin Blanc or honey tinged Riesling.  This cheese is what dreams are made of.


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