Italian Cheese

Robiola di Bosco

Robiola is a lovely soft cheese from the rolling, lush hills in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont.  Often thought of as a just a square, milky tasting curd, Robiola has many delicious incarnations.  This one that I’m introducing to you is perhaps the most exciting of the whole lot of them.  Please put your hands together and welcome the bodacious Robiola di Bosco!
1At first glance this cows milk based ruddy beauty looks and smells an awful lot like Taleggio, a popular Italian cousin of di Bosco.  But beneath the rippling, sticky orange, mold dusted rind lies a paste that is even more of a knock out than even Taleggio can give.  The cheese itself hits the tongue with a powerful blast of fleur de sel.  Which is followed by the big tang of butterfat and lingering notes of minerals with an unctuous fruit finish.
3Seriously, the flavor was so big and wonderful it was like getting punched by Batman in an old comic book.  Complete with the big “KAPOW!” bubble over my head.  Okay,  so I may have just hallucinated that but the cheese was perfectly punchy.
457I can’t stress enough how you should cancel your dinner plans tonight and just make up a huge pot of fresh pasta and toss with thinly chopped Robiola di Bosco until creamy.  Top with cracked pepper and serve at once.  Of course, because this is me, don’t neglect the wine.  Hand your guests (because you’re going to want to share this dish, trust me) a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc.


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