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Cured Cheese Shop, Colorado

It’s been unusually gloomy outside these days.  Living in a place renowned for it’s majestic peaks and eternally sunny days it has been a little strange to have both of those things obscured by thick sheets of rain.  I do admit, I kind of dig the diffused light filtering through the cloud cover.  It does make ones natural light photography soft and moody.  I also am fond of the compulsion to curl up by the fire, with a good book, and a cup of tea at my elbow that this weather brings.  It certainly harkens back to my Midwestern childhood.
So here I am clattering away on the keyboard, actually enjoying the patter of rain, and thinking about last weekend when the mister and I braved a beautiful autumn day in Boulder touring Cured.  Which if you’ve never been I highly advise you to go, stat.  The whole establishment is lovingly curated with heaps of charcuterie, dripping with jam, and rows and rows of gorgeous cheese.

119I have a bit of a wooden cutting board habit and was sorely tempted by this darling fellow.
6I was quite smitten with the place, you could say.  After much browsing, nibbling, and snapping I settled on a hefty wedge of Rogue River Blue (more updates coming soon).  An incredibly robust artisanal cheese from the Pacific Northwest.  This incredibly friendly (just like the whole staff) cheesemonger cut my cheese to order and lovingly wrapped it in paper.  Oh be still my cheese nerd heart!   With that we made sure to give them our money and trotted back out into the autumn sunshine with daydreams of tucking into our purchases asap.


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