American Artisan, cheese

Rogue River Blues

The sky is finally clearing away the masses of thick, grey clouds that have been dripping on us for days.  Leaving behind a pale, watery daylight that only autumn can have.  But even with the sun starting to peep its face at us I find I still have the blues.  The Rogue River Blue that is.  See what I did there?
14Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Time for the best of the best American artisanal blue cheese to hit the shelves at specialty shops around the country.  Made from the highest quality cows milk available this cheese is available only for a limited time every autumn.  It’s natural rind forms over the course of a 12 month aging process and is given some pretty unique help in the process.  Each wheel gets a boozy wrap up with Syrah grape leaves soaked in local pear brandy.  Which imparts a toasty, earthy, rich fruitiness to the paste of the cheese.  Not to mention a heady aroma when you finally get to unwrap your very own slice.
324A shout out to Cured for this hefty package of Rogue River Blue!  If you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado stop by their shop and get lost for a few hours.
5 Not to mention a little dab of San Daniele prosciutto to, you know, balance it out.
1316191517Over all I feel this is, next to Roquefort, my favorite of the blue cheese family.  Rich with hefty flecks of blue-green mold,  spicy, well balanced, wine like tannins, red fruit, and toasted hazelnuts.  It has the distinct honor of being the first American artisanal cheese to be exported to Europe.  Dang.  Rogue River Blue is how I celebrate the beginning of a whirlwind holiday season.  It’s the harbinger of crackling wood fires, the first lazy snow flake, and the last sunny picnic of the year.  “Pear” it up with a little glass of brandy or a spicy, earthy Tempranillo.


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