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Fresh Chevre with Pistachio + Champagne Grape

Spring is here!

Despite a predictable spring blizzard, this is Denver after all, the grass is green and the trees are looking quite fuzzy with new growth.  However the most important part of spring is most certainly the arrival of the best fresh goat cheese of the year.

Most people don’t know that there is a seasonality to cheese.  That the flavor, texture, and even quality of cheese varies season to season.  Fresh chevre, the classic French style goat cheese, is a very good example of seasonality in cheese.
In the mid to late spring, when the does (female goats) having finished kidding, their milk is high and at the best quality.  Hence that good quality milk provides good quality cheese in the hands of a skilled cheese maker.  Light, fluffy, even cake-y texture to the chevre.  Bursting with un-sweetened whipped cream, citrus, and fresh floral flavors.  That is what a good “chev” is all about.
Today I rolled some Avalanche Creamery chevre with crushed pistachios and teeny-tiny champagne grapes for a complimentary fruity punch.

I hope you enjoy spring as much as I do.
What are your favorite pairings with fresh goat cheese?



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