Spanish Sheep’s Milk Crema

I’ve come to a realization lately that I’ve largely been fooling myself in regards to my approach to food.

    I like to think that I am this food-of-the-people, Anthony Bourdain ala the No Reservation years kind of “foodie”.  That my food is accessible to everyone.  However it hit me as I sat to write this post that the opposite is really the truth.  I am, by nature, one hell of a snob.
The cheese I write about may be starkly photographed.  Simple and detailed in it’s execution.  Yet most of what I blog about is really exclusively available in specialty shops.  With no guarantee that anybody outside of the greater Denver area can obtain such a precious morsel.
Though I do suppose all along I’ve really known that I don’t much have the “peoples food” mentality.  It shows most prominently in the natural light and minimal props of my photographs.  I always strive to showcase the cheese or recipe I’m trying to capture.  I want the hoity-toity-est cheese to look sumptuous and inviting.  So much that the reader is inspired to recreate those feelings in the real world at their dinner table or on their own terrace.
It seems rather that is what every closet food snob wants to do when writing about the nosh that makes their world go ’round.  Right now this Spanish sheep’s milk crema is making my world turn.
It’s so incredibly rare that in my shop I have access to fresh sheep’s milk cheese that isn’t cut with cow’s milk.  This little glass pot of soft cheese has all of the punchy, peppery flavor of sheep’s milk but is balanced out by the fresh cream and vague pinenutty, new grass notes that are what actually linger long after the cheese is finished.


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