Purple Haze Fresh Chevre

If you’ve tuned into the most recent episode of The Board and Wire podcast you’d know that I talked a lot about fresh, seasonal goat cheese (see what I did there?).
Specifically one of the cheeses I mentioned are the spectacular fresh chevre (meaning “fresh goat cheese” for those just joining us) coming out of Cyprus Grove Creamery in California.  So think of this as a kind of post-podcast follow up.  A great way to tie in what I’ve been discussing on the air waves with the visual element of the blog.  Now if only smell-o-vision were a thing.  No?  Well, that’s probably for the best.
Probably the most well known of all of Cyprus Groves Chev (short for “Chevre”) is the delightful little hockey puck shaped cheese called Purple Haze.  The cheese maker definitely has a flair for cute names for their product (see: Lamb Chopper) but don’t let the kitsch fool you.
51805 Purple Haze is perfectly, simultaneously fluffy and dense-cakey, with all of the fresh lemon and cream you’d hope for in a Chev.  The “purple” part comes from the lavender sprinkled within the curd and a good dash of herbal fennel pollen to balance it.  Cyprus Grove founder Mary Keehn developed her serious cheese making chops initially to provide a wholesome product for her children and community way back in the 1970’s.  Since then she has built the company into a primary mover and shaker in the American artisanal cheese scene.
Churning out amazing cheeses year after year without sacrificing quality for quantity.  Even though it was announced just yesterday that Cyprus Grove is being purchased by Swiss cheese company Emmi-Roth, Mary is staying at the helm.  Meaning that some of the best fresh chev in the nation will continue to flow from the cheese making rooms of Cyprus Grove.


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