Feta with Lemon, Dill, & Cucumber

As you can tell this is a post about feta.  That ubiquitous Greek cheese that makes foodie bloggers spout off about wishing they were on holiday on the shores of Mykonos.
While I too would love to be eating and sunning myself around the Aegean that is not what has inspired this post.  In fact my main motivation for this salad of sorts is the humble backyard barbecue.

The kind that includes grilled meats, straw hats, red plastic cups, resplendent June flowers, and highly competitive games of Bocce.

There would likely also be a good dash of watermelon and plastic lawn chairs to balance it all.  You can see I’m pretty into my fantasy of what makes a good cook out.
This feta with lemon, dill, and cucumber salad really would be a fine stand in for any tired pasta salad.  Toss strips of grilled chicken on top and it moves straight up the buffet table to main course.  I made this two weeks ago for dinner and it’s already in heavy rotation for the summer.  It’s simultaneously cool, refreshing, light, but filling.  In short it feels like diving into some of the best bits of summer.


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