12112348_10102543194699534_8137215197853658201_nHi, I’m Ash.

 I’m a Denver, Colorado based professional cheesemonger and
freelance writer/food photographer.
Welcome to The Board and Wire, my take on cheese, food, and life!
I got my start in cheese way, way back in 2006 as my job during university.  That’s where I fell into good and proper love with cheesemongering.  I mark that as the moment that cheese became my livelihood and my passion.  Now you can find me slinging curd at my counter on any given day of the week, happily snapping photos of my daily life, carefully styling cheese in my home studio, or lurking in my local coffee shop soaking up bandwidth and espresso.
I’m so happy you’re here in my “slice” of the internet!


Wait, what happened to the old Board and Wire blog?
The old archive is still available!  Until it’s imported to its new home here at the dot com you can visit all of your favorite past posts at www.theboardandwire.blogspot.com!

Have a question,  think you have a product I can’t live without, or want to hire my writing/photography services?
Please direct all inquiries to boardandwire@gmail.com

Where can I find The Board and Wire?
You can find The Board and Wire now on Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin’.

Are you really a professional Cheesemonger?
I really am!  I’ve been working as a cheesemonger for about a decade.

What is a Cheesemonger?
Like a fishmonger sells fish, I sell cheese.  Everyday.  For a living.  For reals!