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Fresh Chevre with Pistachio + Champagne Grape

Spring is here!

Despite a predictable spring blizzard, this is Denver after all, the grass is green and the trees are looking quite fuzzy with new growth.  However the most important part of spring is most certainly the arrival of the best fresh goat cheese of the year.

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American Artisan, cheese

Rogue River Blues

The sky is finally clearing away the masses of thick, grey clouds that have been dripping on us for days.  Leaving behind a pale, watery daylight that only autumn can have.  But even with the sun starting to peep its face at us I find I still have the blues.  The Rogue River Blue that is.  See what I did there?
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Alpine Style Cheese, American Artisan

Springbrook Farm Tarentaise

Autumn is really here and now is the time to tuck into those rich alpine cheeses of our fondue dreams.  The ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice-everything gives way in front of what is my personal favorite seasonal flavor.  The toasted, brown buttered goodness of a Gruyere or Raclette cheese.  Particularly if it has been melted with dry white wine and a squidge of chopped garlic.

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