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Cured Cheese Shop, Colorado

It’s been unusually gloomy outside these days.  Living in a place renowned for it’s majestic peaks and eternally sunny days it has been a little strange to have both of those things obscured by thick sheets of rain.  I do admit, I kind of dig the diffused light filtering through the cloud cover.  It does make ones natural light photography soft and moody.  I also am fond of the compulsion to curl up by the fire, with a good book, and a cup of tea at my elbow that this weather brings.  It certainly harkens back to my Midwestern childhood.
So here I am clattering away on the keyboard, actually enjoying the patter of rain, and thinking about last weekend when the mister and I braved a beautiful autumn day in Boulder touring Cured.  Which if you’ve never been I highly advise you to go, stat.  The whole establishment is lovingly curated with heaps of charcuterie, dripping with jam, and rows and rows of gorgeous cheese.

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